About Us

SolaRack was founded in Southern California in early 2014. Prior to that, Netanel Levi, co-owner and CTO, had built a successful solar installation company from the ground up, and straight to the roof. By actively participating on every project, Netanel’s personal investment in the company was dynamic and his efforts fruitful. His many days on the roof installing solar by his crew’s side made him a strong believer in the need for quality product through impeccable workmanship.

At that same time, Moti Atia, co-owner and CEO of SolaRack, was out on the frontlines of the solar push, convincing homeowners and business owners alike to “go solar.” For Moti, it wasn’t always about closing deals, but in gaining the trust and confidence of his prospects and customers, and in absorbing all that he could about the industry.

Before long, the pair decided to combine their knowledge and expertise to form SolaRack. Their collective experience and knowledge produced concepts and products that are developed by installers for installers. With a mantra of “keep it simple,” the ultimate goal was to create products that minimize the amount of roof penetrations needed, reduce costs, and provide a universal solution all without sacrificing quality; All SolaRack products are manufactured using high quality materials and exceed industry standards.

Soon, installers from around the region understood the idea behind SolaRack’s innovative product line. Approximately 74% of installers surveyed favored the cost savings, ease of installation, and simplicity of SolaRack. And our customer base continues to grow as a result.


SolaRack® products are initially designed on the rooftops of America, by installers, for installers, with design completion taking place at our facility in Newbury Park, CA. Our products have been designed and manufactured according to USA building codes and laboratory requirements such as UL 1703, UL 2703 and mechanical load testing. And we never stop improving and enhancing our product line to accommodate the challenges installers face including new regulations, requirements and mandates by local, state and federal jurisdictions. 


At SolaRack®, our highest priority is quality. SolaRack® has developed a cost effective, economical solution without compromising on quality, materials and or finish. Aluminum and Stainless Steel are the two most common products we use. Products are cut and fabricated prior to final coating such as: Anodization, Powder Coating and Electrolysis with a finish thickness between 12 – 15 microns.

Your purchase of our products is also protected by a 25-year warranty.


SolaRack® takes certifications and testing very seriously. Our products have been evaluated by leading laboratories UL and Intertek (ETL,) tested and evaluated for fire classification, grounding, bonding and mechanical load testing.

SolaRack® is certified for:

  • UL Listed 1703 – Steep and low slope Type 1 & 2 Class A Fire Classification,
  • UL Listed 2703 – Grounding & Bonding for the following products:
    • 28-46mm Universal Mid Clamp
    • 28-46mm Universal End Clamp.
    • SolaRack® Splice Kit.
    • SolaRack® Micro Bolt (UL Listed as grounding method for SolarEdge Optimizers).
  • ETL Listed Design Load Rating in Accordance with UL 2703

   Downward Pressure – 10 psf Upward Pressure – 5 psf Down-slope Load – 5 psf

  • Composition L-Foot Kit
  • Composition Double U-Kit
  • Standoff Kit (3″,4.5″,6″ & 9″)
  • Double Standoff (3″, 4.5″, 6″ & 9″)
  • Stone Coated Metal Tile Attachment
  • Double Stone Coated Metal Tile Attachment

Compliance report for SolaRack® roof attachments by Sunstrong Engineering.