SolaRack® Standoff Kit

The SolaRack® Standoof kit is designed to be installed on Rolled composite roofs. This system has been listed by UL 2703 for Grounding & Bonding,UL 1703 Class A Type 1,2 and Design Load Rating in Accordance with UL 2703. Installation of the SolaRack® Standoff kit doesn’t require any modification to existing roofing materials and will provide a watertight seal when installed according to SolaRack’s® Installation Manual. Please follow the steps to achieve a complete seal and proper installation.

Our Standoffs are sold as a complete kit including the following: pre-assembled base with stanchion, Lag Screws(2), Large Flashing, Silicone Cone, Cap, L-Foot & T-bolt. Roof must be in good condition prior to installation.(condition of roof is to be verified and determined by the contractor / installer and SolaRack® doesn’t take any responsibility of determining the quality of the roof prior installation).