SolaRack® Standoff Kit

$18.00$26.00 MSRP

Complete solution for flat roofs.

SolaRack’s Standoff Kit is designed to be installed on flat roof applications such as: Torch-down, Rolled Asphalt Shingles & TPO. The Standoff Kit doesn’t require any modification to existing roofing materials and will provide a watertight seal. This attachment is sold as a complete set with the following items included:

  • 1000 Series Anodized Aluminum Flashing & UV Rated Silicon Cone
  • 6000 Series Anodized Aluminum Base with Stanchion 
  • 6000 Series Anodized Aluminum L-Foot
  • Two 5/16 “x 3” Lag Screws
  • One 300 Series Stainless Steel T-Bolt & Nut