Composition L-Foot Kit

SolaRack’s Composition L – Foot Kit is a great and easy solution when installing solar on a composition or asphalt shingles roof. The flashing is designed to redirect the water flow from the penetration and is the only attachment on the market using UV Rated Silicon as waterproofing.


Double Composition U-Foot Kit

This attachment has the same flashing as above, but uses our U Attachment which is designed to support two rails per one penetration and provides a better, stronger solution than a shared rail system.

Think of it as two L-feet that have been fused together.


Adjustable Flat Tile Hook

Our Adjustable Flat Tile Hook is designed for roofs that use interlocking tile or concrete tile. No tile augmentation is necessary to achieve a low profile install that lays flat.

Double Adjustable Flat Tile Hook

The Double Adjustable Flat Tile Hook has the same functionality as the Adjustable Flat Tile Hook above, but is designed to support 2 rails per one penetration, reducing both the number of roof penetrations and the labor required by at least 25%.


Adjustable S-Tile Hook

Our Adjustable S-Tile Hook is designed to be installed with curved tile roofs and will provide a clearance of 2.5 to 4.1 inches, positioning the arm at the highest portion of the tile.


Double Adjustable S-Tile Hook

The Double Adjustable S-tile Hook has the same features as its single counterpart, but is designed to support 2 rails per attachment and provide a better, stronger solution than a shared rail system. 


Stone Coated Metal Attachment

Stop cutting sheet metal by instead using our Stone Coated Metal Attachment, engineered for installations that use sheets of stone coated metal. The attachment is designed to penetrate and flush the surface of the sheet metal with an extra long lag screw needed to hit the rafter


Double Stone Coated Metal Attachment

Our Double Stone Coated Metal Tile Attachment supports 2 rails per attachment, reducing the amount of penetrations needed, providing an easier, cost-effective solution when installing on Stone Coated Metal roofs, 



SolaRack’s L-Foot is sold as a standalone product, available in both Mill and Black, and includes the SolaRack T-bolt.


U Attachment

This U Bracket accessory is used in conjunction with our Standoff and Stone Coated Metal Attachments. This bracket will allow installation of two rails per attachment, reducing penetrations by at least 25%, providing a better, stronger solution than a shared rail system.