ECO Rail

SolaRack’s ECO Rail is designed to be used and installed in zones with no snow loads and low wind force. This rail is designed to provide the best support for your solar system at a very low profile and is available in black and mill finish. Low cost solution for low load areas.

ECO Integrated Grounding Splice

SolaRack’s Splice Kit is not simply used to connect two rails together. Our splice kits are low profile, fully anodized post-cut and are pre-assembled. Secure the two bolts in place and the splice will ground your system without the use of jumpers or lay-in-lugs, by penetrating the anodization on the surface of the rail and splice.


ECO Rail End Caps

Made of outdoor rated PVC, SolaRack’s ECO Rail End Caps are universal, meaning there is no need to determine left/right configuration.


ECO Rail – Wire Management

SolaRack offers a unique solution to fasten wires and cables for solar installation. Our wire management plates are 4″ long and simply snap into the rail at the desired location.