Double Composition U-Kit

Available in black and mill finish, this double mount is for use on asphalt composite or synthetic roofing shingles which are the most common type of roof found on residential homes.

Double Adjustable S-Tile Hook

Our Adjustable Double S-Tile Hook is designed to be installed with most types of curved tile roofs and will provide a clearance of 2.5 to 4.1 inches, positioning the stainless steel arm at the highest portion of the tile.

Double Adjustable Flat Tile Hook

Our Double Adjustable Flat Tile Hook is designed for roofs that use interlocking tile or concrete tile. No tile augmentation is necessary to achieve a low profile install that lays flat.


Double Stone Coated Metal Attachment

Stop cutting sheet metal by instead using our Stone Coated Metal Attachment, engineered for installations that use sheets of stone coated metal. The attachment is designed to penetrate and flush the surface of the sheet metal with an extra long lag screw needed to hit the rafter.


Double Standoff

Our Double Standoff Kit is designed to be installed on flat roof applications such as Torch-down, Rolled Asphalt Shingles & TPO, and requires no modification to existing roofing materials. Use with SolaSeal for a perfect watertight install.



This U Bracket accessory is used in conjunction with our Standoff and Stone Coated Metal Attachments and reduces the amount of roof penetrations and provides a better and stronger solution than a shared rail system.